North American Stainless

Regarding this, attorney Robert E. Wilens emails:


I am an attorney for North American Stainless. You have re-produced on your web site an article by CIS/David Seminara that discusses certain immigration issues, and focusses one paragraph on NAS where they allege fraud on the part of NAS. We have challenged many of the facts contained in the NAS portion of the article that serve as the basis for the alleged fraud as innacurate. CIS and Seminara, through their attorney, have agreed to revise the article upon proof by us that certain facts are inaccurate. They have also agreed to pull the article from their web site until the changes are agreed upon. As you have re-produced the article, or portions of it, we are requesting that you do the same, and take the article off of your web site. The revised article will be available within a week or so. If you do not agree to pull it, I will pursue any and all legal remedies available against a republisher of dafamatory material. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Robert E. Wilens
Clausen Miller P.C.
10 S. La Salle
Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 8551010 (gen. phone)
(312) 6067820 (direct phone)
(312) 6067500 (fax)

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