Nebraska: Not Starkweather, but close

From TabloidBaby:

Today’s tragic news from Omaha takes us back to the story of Charles Starkweather, the 19-year-old psychopath who took his 14-year-old girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate on a killing spree 50 years ago this month. He’d kill 11 people, a few more than today’s murderer managed, but it took Charlie more than a month and two states to do it. His story was the basis of the movie Badlands, which made a star out of Martin Sheen, who’d go on to narrate All The Presidents’ Movies, the classic Bravo doco series from our pals at Frozen Pictures. The case also became a tabloid TV classic when A Current Affair nabbed an exclusive interview with Caril Ann thirty years after the crimes. A production assistant on the story later sold the segment as the basis for a TV movie starring Tim Roth, which allegedly influenced a couple of kids in Canada to embark on a spree on their own. And the circle of death continues…

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