The Untimely Demise Of The Las Vegas Jewish Reporter

Amy, the wife of Arthur Bloberger, the editor of the Jewish Reporter, emails Las Vegas entertainment executive Tom Ficara:


I’m Arthur’s wife, Amy. Arthur has been keeping me informed about the ongoing issues with the Federation. I know that Arthur isn’t able to say much at this time pending his litigation against the Federation and Elliot Karp. I know that he has informed his attorney about your show and the fact that there are many many witnesses out there who can attest to the fact that Elliot Karp is a “bad man.”

What I can tell you is that for the past six months prior to Arthur’s departure from the Federation, Elliot was humiliating him, riding him, making angry racial slurs toward him directly and about him to others. We realized that Elliot was trying “railroad” Arthur out of the job before they announced the closure of the Jewish Reporter. Arthur was determined that he wasn’t going to let Elliot win by trying to bully him and force him out. I think this ticked Elliot off even worse and Elliot stepped up his bullying tactics. This time, however, Elliot took it too far! Elliot made horrid racial slurs to Arthur directly; pointing his fingers in Arthur’s face criminalizing him for being a “non-Jew.” Well, bullying in the workplace may not be against the law (yet) but racially discriminating is against the law! It was not just one incident Tom, it was several racially discriminating events that brought it to the final blow. It was going on over a period of several months – Arthur just tried to stick it out because he wanted to take care of me and his family. Times are hard right now in Las Vegas and jobs are scarce so he took a lot of crap so that he could keep his family fed. More than I would have!

Arthur called me after the final incident with Elliot. It was yet another meeting where Arthur was racially attacked by Elliot. Arthur was having chest pains. I was already very concerned for his health as Elliot’s constant abuse and bullying was causing health issues for Arthur. I told Arthur to remove himself from that place immediately. I also told him to go straight to the hospital but Arthur just went home instead. I went home and got his keys and I took them to the office so they would process his final check.

I know that Arthur can’t say much about the details of the potential litigation and I probably should not share that information either but I want you to know that I did some investigation on Elliot as well and I do know there has to be a lot of victims out there.

I don’t think Danny Greenspun did a thorough background investigation on Elliot before he hired him. I think that Danny just wanted someone in there before he stepped down as chairman. The incoming chairman, Leonard Stone, would not even so much as listen to any of the complaints his employees had about Elliot Karp.

I feel for Charry because I know this type of personality. Elliot will keep on keeping on with the same behavior patterns until he is stopped. These types are sly foxes and they can snow their superiors and convince them they are great. All the while scheming to do evil to their subordinates.

However, I do want you to know that at least the Chairman of the Board, Leonard Stone, knows whats going on so don’t let them fool you that they don’t! The rest of the board may not know but he does for sure…

Arthur may not be able to say too much but I can 🙂

Amy O’Brien-Bloberger

Amy follows up:

Thank you for responding so quickly. I’m simply amazed as well! During Arthur’s 2 1/2 year tenure, I came to love many of the Jewish people we were honored enough to work with/interview. To have someone like Karp at the helm is simply, well horrid!

Arthur and I are keeping Charry in our prayers. I believe, at this time, she is fighting a losing battle. The longer it goes on for her, the sicker she is going to become. Arthur’s health deteriorated in six months to the point that I thought I was going to lose him from a heart attack. When Sunday would come around, Arthur’s demeanor would change. He would become quiet, sick to his stomach and would not sleep all night. He would get up and go to work and was just miserable all week. Like Charry, Arthur was trying to hang on to his job and not let Elliot win. Well, unfortunately, Elliot is left to run amok without supervision and he does whatever he wants without consequences. He steps up his tactics until he succeeds and he will continue to do so until he wins. Charry like Arthur has to ask herself if its worth it for her health! Elliot may have won the battles, Tom, but he hasn’t won the war! Leonard has to back Elliot up because Leonard really screwed up when he refused to listen to the complaints, period! This leaves the Federation as well as Karp, Stone and Greenspun personally liable for damages. If Elliot hasn’t learned about racial discrimination yet, Charry may be his next victim in that area too.

Unfortunately, litigation can take years and the Federation may drag it out as long as they can. But, there is strength in numbers and because of you, we are getting those numbers! I think you are on the right track with the lady that helped this monster get this job. I hope Greenspun goes after her! She snowed him!

Well, time to go. I wish I could give Charry a big hug. We really do understand what she is going through!

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