Forward Reporter Moves To Los Angeles Times

Chaim Weiss writes:

One of the key news writers and editors at the Forward has moved on and has joined the staff at the New York bureau of the Los Angeles Times to cover Wall Street and the business sector.

Nathaniel Popper has been with the Forward since 2003, and has been the News editor for two years. Most of the other writers have just joined the Forward this year. Popper is a Harvard graduate and was an award-winning journalist who covered numerous stories for the Forward.

The following Forward reporter is the one I want to know about… He fabricated a Dennis Prager quote.

Dennis Prager said something interesting the other day. Do you know who the reporter is he’s referring to?

“I remember a newspaper I read every week, it is on the Left, it is called the Forward, they covered a speech I gave to a Republican Jewish Coalition meeting, and some young reporter who of course was on the Left, covered me and made up quotes. To his consternation, and this is a warning to everybody, I record every public word I say.

[Luke asks: Who was this reporter?]

“Not only was I recorded in this case, my wife was present and videotaped it. I saw what they wrote on the internet and I told them your reporter lied and made it up. I have proof. Here is the file. I sent them the file of my speech. They never retracted it in print. They dropped the article. They never apologized.”

It is not surprising to me that a reporter fabricated quote, though that should end his career. What is surprising is that the Forward never apologized nor wrote about the fabrication. I guess fabricating things about those on the Right is no crime in the left-wing world of the Forward.

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