Las Vegas Jewish Federation

A departing employee emails the chairman of the Las Vegas Jewish Federation Leonard Stone:

Leonard, I never had the opportunity to ask you the one burning question I had prior to my leaving the Federation.

What do you suppose your son sees when he looks at you?

I know he sees a father, but does he see a man?

I don’t think so.

A real man would have separated himself from Elliot Karp and done the right and moral thing.

So now Charry Kennedy is history and joins the growing list of ex-Federation employees. I guess all of us were just not the right chemistry? Is that what you tell people?

Thanks to you, I now have to take time from my schedule for a legal deposition in two lawsuits being filed against Karp and the Jewish Federation. (I believe you’re named in them as well.)

Do I tell the truth that you were made aware of the problems by multiple employees and despite knowing about Karp’s past abusive history chose to ignore the situation thus enabling the professional and personal destruction of good, hard-working, honest people to continue.

If you studied history the parallel between 6 million of our people being annihilated because people like you, who might have stepped in but decided to turn their back and your lack of action, isn’t that dissimilar.

I learned a long time ago when my children were born that merely talking about right and wrong is not the same thing as being a man and standing up to injustice, thus serving as an example for them to follow.

So, let me know what you think Jonah sees when he looks at you. I’ll be interested to know.

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