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Tom Ficara emails:

Hi Luke:

This week has been the CES convention, our most important, so I’ve been unavailable.

Kim Wanker is the apparent ‘attorney’ for the Las Vegas Jewish Federation. She has an interesting method of playing a sympathetic ‘investigator’ to suck in the Karp / Stone / Greenspun victims but in reality she is a ruthless associate and advocate for at least Leonard Stone if not the LVJF as a whole.

Here’s their gambit:

Karp abuses and defames the victims (long time, effective, faithful employees of many years) while they are at the LVJF until they are forced to quit. If they still won’t quit, they get terminated. The CFO, Marjorie Greibel, then denies they pensions, benefits, and/or unemployment regardless of merit to put them in a financial hardship. Wanker then comes in after they have exhausted their financial resources with lawyers, etc. and offers a low ball settlement that includes a gag section. Leonard Stone is aware of these methods, and at least condones them if not advocating them. Attempts to be protected by Karp are actively thwarted by Stone. Now, with five employees already professionally and personally smashed to bits by Karp, the remaining abuse victims know they have to suffer in silence lest they too meet this fate.

Wanker’s behavior is as shameful as Karp’s and Stone’s… take on Danny Greenspun is that he is not doing anything actively wrong in this case, but merely is disinterested in ‘doing the right thing’ and cleaning up the mess he made by hiring Karp in the first place.

My stance as the producer of the ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Jewish Federation’ episode of our Las Vegas Justice Bureau TV show is simple… long as there is a story here we are going to cover it. At any time the Las Vegas Jewish Federation can make this a ‘non story’ but that is entirely up to them. Right now we are lining up the victims from across the country and interviewing them. The LVJF is under the mistaken impression that Charry Kennedy and I are doing this in concert. If fact, the Las Vegas Justic Bureau is not a part of the Margate Entertainment LLC partnership that I have with Charry. In fact, I own many businesses, and have many different partners in these different businesses. Charry never knew of the show until she was terminated by the Stone / Wanker crew. As I have stated from the beginning, we are limiting our story to ex employees. In fact, right now Charry Kennedy’s lawyer is furious with me for these actions. So much for any collusion, but they are grasping at anything they can to try to quell the effects of this story.

My plan at this point is to cover a compelling story in association with you and the Las Vegas Review Journal. On a personal front, I am making legal services available to victims so they don’t have to spend money they don’t have and have to be browbeaten into a paltry, unfair settlement.

I also plan to file complaints with the Nevada Bar regarding the behavior of Wanker and Stone Lawyers take an oath to behave in a proper and ethical manner and have a higher standard than the average citizen to do so.

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