Barack Obama Does Not Speak To White People With A Negro Dialect

Senate majority leader Harry Reid was right. Barack Obama is light-skinned (his mother is white, Obama is no more black than white) and Obama does not speak with a negro dialect unless he wants one.

What’s the hubbub about?

What’s wrong with the word “negro”? It simply means black.

There is a black dialect. Barack Obama deliberately employs it sometimes when talking to black audiences. He almost never employs it when speaking to white audiences. If Barack Obama spoke to white audiences with a negro dialect, he would not be elected president of the United States.

There’s this Jewish novelist, Adam Mansbach, who perpetually speaks with a negro dialect.

Here’s a snippet from our interview:

Luke: “Do you have a black accent?”

Adam: “You mean like Barack Obama or Colin Powell?”

Luke: “Umm, I don

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