Yeshiva University Attempts To Ban Whistleblower Robert Frank From Friday Night Prayers

Here’s an email about Mashgiach Robert Frank

Dear Luke,

I have another story for you. On Friday night when Robert Frank and his wife went to synagogue — services are held in a cafeteria on the Albert Einstein School of Medicine at Yeshiva University — as they walked in to the services, they were stopped by the security guard. He told us he had orders not to let them enter. The vice-president of the synagogue was walking in to the services and saw what was happening and intervened. The Franks were allowed to enter the synagogue, but a few minutes later, the same guard came up to Robert and insisted that they leave. The president of the synagogue saw what was happening and intervened. He was told by the guard that he had orders to throw them out. The synagogue president asked the guard to call his supervisor. The guard called his supervisor. When the supervisor came over, he told the president of the synagogue the same story. That he had orders not to allow the Franks to pray in the building. The synagogue president told the supervisor that no one informed him or any synagogue officer or the rabbi of the Franks not being allowed to pray.

So the synagogue president made an arrangement with the security supervisor that the Franks could attend the services for the remainder of the Sabbath until the synagogue president could contact someone in authority to see what is going on.

This is retaliation for Robert Frank going to the media with the kosher fraud story.

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