Who Killed William Benson Wasz?

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Wasz frequently sold cocaine to customers in clubs and claimed he was hired by Robert Kardashian to give or sell cocaine to O.J. Simpson and Nicole Simpson many times. It was at Los Angeles‘ famed Roxbury Club where Wasz first met O.J. and Kardashian. Charge card receipts show they were there during the time Wasz said they met, and in addition, witnesses placed all three men together on more than one occasion. Wasz claimed that Kardashian and O.J. were involved in money laundering, prostitution, pornography, sports betting and point shaving. It should be noted, however, that Wasz produced no evidence to support these claims.

According to Wasz, Kardashian claimed that Nicole was unfaithful to O.J. and thus wanted Wasz to follow her and take pictures of other men she might be with. (Interestingly, Wasz felt that Kardashian might have engaged in an affair with Nicole at some point as well, hence Kardashian’s empassioned plea that she be killed, as noted in "The Bad Lieutenant", an article which was to be published in Time Magazine, but pulled at the eleventh hour.)

January 1994

Wasz claimed that Kardashian offered $1,000 for the surveillance, and Wasz accepted. Kardashian wanted the surveillance to take place on the last weekend of the first week in January 1994.

On January 24, 1994, Paula Barbieri‘s (O.J. Simpson’s girlfriend) car was stolen. A week later, police found the car after it was involved in a traffic accident. They arrested William Wasz. Wasz claimed he was hired to use the car to follow Nicole Simpson. In a notebook found in the car, there were references to two weapons, including a 9mm pistol. The notebook also contained Nicole’s daily schedule. A gun and a crack pipe were also found in the car.

Wasz also claimed that on or about January 14, he was later hired for $15,000 by Kardashian to kill Nicole with a .25 caliber bullet to the head. Wasz says he accepted $7,500, which was partial payment for the killing. However, Wasz refused to carry out the hit, and someone else was most likely hired in his place.

After serving ten years of a 20-year sentence in three prisons, including a high-security section of Calapatria State Prison for unrelated robbery, Wasz was released. He worked in Beverly Hills for a brief time before his attorney Frank Longo and the building superintendent found his body in his West Los Angeles apartment under suspicious circumstances on March 16, 2005. His death came less than a week after he was arrested on a warrant that expired in 1994. The coroner’s investigator Kelli Blanchard (case number 2005-02135) estimated that he had been dead for three days. Wasz’s death was never investigated by West Los Angeles Homicide detectives, nor was it reported in the media. He authored several compelling works before his death, but did not live to see them published.

Before his death, Bill Wasz left a number of comments on The Peking Duck blog in which he offers his opinions on various characters in the OJ drama, including Marcia Clark, Kardashian and others.

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