TMZ calls Chelsea Handler a “bigot”

From TabloidBaby:

Chelsea Handler a bigot? Those are strong words from the loose cannon weekend crew, trying too hard to whip up a scandal after one of its aggressive teams of amateur boys with home video cameras confronted another celebrity outside a restaurant in hopes of goading her into a fight. This time, its the E! Entertainment Channel’s boss’s girlfriend and legs-akimbo, cocktail-swilling comedy show host who does her best to throw a few one liners.

The weekend editors try to paint her with the Michael Richard brush. Bigot? Doesn’t seem fair. Looks like Chelsea was just trying to give the thugs what they wanted with a little schtik that’s not even as shocking or incorrect as the mainstream "outrageousness" of Kathy Griffin, Sarah Silverman or Wanda Sykes dish out.

Bigot? She’s a comedian doing a line that emcees might use on a table of comedy club customers. It’s a long way from Michael Richards.

It’s not just that the piss-fetish deviates at the Winchell-style bullying TMZ are pushing a hypocritical, fascistic political correctness that wound tend to force comedy and free speech to pre-Lenny Bruce standards. Remember, Chelsea’s the boss’s girlfriend. The corporate E! bosses could come down hard on the competition calling his girl a bigot.

We’d even bet that the story disappears from the site.

Not that we feel too sorry for Chelsea. She does a nightly comedy show on E! without writers. That’s why she’s not so smooth, and why her show carries on despite the Writers Guild strike. Everything on the E! channel, news shows and all, is made up on the spot. Without writers.

But the TMZ TV show is supposedly the ultimate union-buster, even making AFTRA’s blacklist.

Anyway, we’re getting bored writing about the corporate porn-pushing gossips. It’s a lowlife, crude, deviant operation that’s not funny or insightful and doesn’t have the balls to admit they are what they are– like yesterday, when they tried to distance themselves from the paparazzi swarm around Dennis Quaid and his wife as they deal with a medical emergency surrounding their newborns:

More than ten paps (not TMZ) have been on the Quaids, shouting out question after question.

Not TMZ? That’s as much of a mystery as why the site ignored Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt. Do they have a thing against breeders? We’ll save that for the book.

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