Blacks vs Jews, Elites vs Grassroots in the Joe Biden Story (7-9-24)

01:00 Jews vs blacks on whether or not Joe Biden should step down
03:20 Media pretend to be shocked by Joe Biden’s cognitive decline
06:00 Liberals Were Blinded To Biden’s Senility By Their Own Speech Codes,
17:20 John Ellis says Joe Biden should step down,
18:00 Megan Kelly interviews John Ellis (former head of the Fox News Decision Desk),
24:45 Hunter Biden is now Joe Biden’s gatekeeper,
28:40 In his 1988 publication A Secure Base, Bowlby wrote that “life is best organized as a series of daring ventures from a secure base.”
36:00 Jill Biden apparently has her own ‘Hail to the Chief’-style entrance theme, courtesy of the Marine Corps band,
46:20 Elliott Blatt joins to discuss Access Hollywood tape vs Joe Biden’s debate disaster,
50:00 Politico: Evangelicals Hate Stormy Daniels But Love Trump. Here’s Why.,
1:02:00 How the Hawk Tuah girl was embraced by the right,
1:06:00 Are Sydney Sweeney’s breasts double-D harbingers of the death of woke?,
1:19:45 Why the media covered for Biden,
1:27:00 Why Kamala Harris should never be president
1:29:50 Dennis Prager: Why the Democrats Need To Get Rid of Biden
1:32:10 What’s Really Behind the Corporate Media Focusing on Biden Instead of Trump?
1:38:00 Failin’ Joe Biden
1:41:30 Every single Democrat I’ve talked to off the record has said Biden should step away: Jake Sherman,

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