Decoding The Media Conspiracy To Protect Joe Biden The Past Four Years (7-7-24)

01:00 The Joe Biden Decline Story Is Taking On Watergate Dimensions,
03:00 Conservatives saw Joe Biden’s decline before liberals did,
07:00 Few People Can Handle Unlimited Amounts Of Humiliation,
10:00 Joe Biden Must Go Because The Desperate Nature Of The Situation Should Prevail Over Precedent (7-2-24)
25:00 Liberals Were Blinded To Biden’s Senility By Their Own Speech Codes,
1:04:00 Prior To The Recent Supreme Court Ruling On Presidential Immunity, The Presidency Already Had All The Foreign Policy Power Of King George III,
1:21:00 WP’s Dan Balz embodies the conventional wisdom,
1:29:45 Many policy issues may be bypassing the president,
1:44:00 Epistemological populism,
1:58:30 Brit Hume sends warning about Biden’s ‘alarming’ mental capacity
2:03:30 Brit Hume: Biden’s gaffes show he’s having memory lapses
2:52:40 How the media turned on Biden,
3:03:00 The “Weak” Media Refused to Admit the Truth About Biden’s Cognitive Abilities, w/ Steve Krakauer,
3:06:00 Dem Oligarchs Forcing Biden Out of Presidential Race,
3:48:20 Peggy Noonan: Biden Can’t Spin His Way Out of This,

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