The Simon Wiesenthal Center

I love to attend events at the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Museum of Tolerance because everything is done first-rate. I’ve not taken in a disappointing program yet. I’ve seen movies there and speakers and panel discussions. I’ve taken Torah classes. I’m a big fan of the YULA beit midrash. I’ve taken a lot of classes there in the evenings. I’m a big fan of many of its rabbis, including Rabbi Ari Hier, Marvin’s son who’s a motorcycle riding rebel.

Marvin Hier was called the most powerful rabbi in America by Newsweek magazine in 2008. He’s an eloquent speaker and a formidable fundraiser and organizer.

Joe emails: I was there. Rabbi Marvin Hier has not designated a successor yet. That keeps everyone in line.

The three possibilities — Rabbi Meyer H. May (RCC president), Rabbi Abraham Cooper and SWC director Liebe Geft.
Rabbi Meyer May was told to stop galavanting around Hashem’s green earth because once SWC scored $10 million in funding from the state under George Deukmejian (the greatest Jewish coup in winning support from the gentiles since scaring President Nixon into the “give me everything” resupply flights during the Yom Kippur War) dialing for survivors was deemed a much less effective use of his time.

Rabbi Meyer May was in the Yeshiva University Kollel and in social work. He started helping with SWC fundraising and bullied his way to near the top but he won’t get to the top if Rabbi Abraham Cooper has something to do with it. Abraham Cooper was an activist in Yeshiva University at the time we all protested the KGB and fought for Russian Jewry. His wife’s uncle is loaded. Meyer May and Abraham Cooper seem to hate each more then they hate Nazis. The shouting in the corridors is infamous. What is worse is the non-speaking relationship that follows. They spy on each other and make the staff’s life miserable, faulting them for siding with the one or other.

As for Janice Prager, first off, there was a much hotter gal at SWC at the time, her last name was, I kid you not, Lydia Triantopoulus – a gal with the kind of breasts King Solomon wrote about. She was Abraham Cooper’s candy. She was very close with Abe, as close as Janice Prager was with Meyer May. Lydia traveled with Abe and spoke with him.

Lydia became Director of PR. She knew how to use her breasts. She wore miniskirts and push-up bras underneath see-through blouses. She had a lot of power. She was pretty and did her job well. She was always ready to help. She was liked. She spoke openly. She was so different from them all, she was a Gentile girl who was shocked by their shticks.

(Lydia’s the author of the classic “Simon Wiesenthal: The man and his legacy“.)

Lydia worked for the SWC radio show, which to my knowledge, never existed. She was paraded through SWC to show how cool the Hiers were in appreciating fine shiksa plumage.

One day suddenly Lydia Triantopoulus was gone. No one was allowed to mention her name or to ask any questions. She was forced to resign. The details were sealed. I wonder if they made Lydia sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Dr Gerald Margolis, the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, was forced to resign when a second secretary in a row complained of abuse of power and sleeping with him. He was caught once by students smooching with his secretary in the back staircase. The center settled with the secretaries for about $200,000.

Dr. Margolis moved on to Bnai Brith.

Sidney Green coached the bimbo fundraisers but the girls laughed at him behind his back.

As for Janice, realize that at the time, the YULA boys were striking out hard due to (a) the end of Bnai Akiva and sleepaway camps at which action was possible, and (b) Rav Aron Tendler making it with a few of the more eligible gals in the classes of 1986-1988. She did wear leggings before yoga became popular. She was fun to watch walk to her car.

She married a Hollywood drug user. It only lasted a few months. She kept her last name of Prager.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center became known in the community as the best little whorehouse on Pico.

There is so much more going on at SWC in terms of annuities for the Hiers and taking money much needed for Jewish day schools in favor of holocaust museums in more places than Disneyland that the sex aspect is trivial.

The LA Weekly reported July 3, 2003: “That one private museum should continue to receive such disproportionate public funding is particularly troubling in an era when federal tax cuts are driving many states toward bankruptcy and the public services they provide into oblivion. Meanwhile, according to 2001

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