A Blockade Is An Act Of War

The Pro-Palestine protesters who showed up outside of Adas Torah synagogue on Sunday were not primarily protesters – they were combatants engaged in an act of war. Because they blocked entry to the synagogue, they were creating a blockade, which is an act of war.

I would be happy to see people engaged in blockades get the death penalty (if the blockade created innocent deaths). You execute a few and the rest will get the message.

I would want the same result for any group illegally executing a blockade, including for Jews who blockaded a mosque or church or a public street.

Alexander Orbuch writes in the WSJ:

A friend texted on Sunday afternoon: “Just checking in to make sure your family is okay after everything in LA today.” I hadn’t been online and had no clue what he was talking about. It could have been anything—an earthquake or a wildfire—but something told me it was antisemitism. Unfortunately, I was right.

Protesters waving Palestinian flags and shouting anti-Israel slogans gathered outside Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles’s Pico-Robertson neighborhood on Sunday. They tried to block the entrance and were soon met by counterprotesters waving Israeli flags. The groups clashed. Adas Torah officials said the anti-Israel demonstrators maced and bear-sprayed Jews trying to enter the synagogue, which was holding an Israeli real-estate fair. Talia Regev, 43, said she was sprayed and saw violent altercations between the two groups.

“There was nowhere to turn where you could be safe,” said Naftoli Sherman, 25, who had planned to attend the synagogue’s fair. He was attacked and ended up in the hospital. “There was a whole gang of protesters on top of me. They broke my nose and kicked me in the head a couple of times.”

Israeli-born journalist Daniel Greenfield reported that an anti-Israel protester had threatened, “Billions of us will come and kill you.”

President Biden and California Gov. Gavin Newsom took to social media to condemn Sunday’s act of hate. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass promised that the police would “provide additional patrols in the Pico-Robertson community as well as outside of houses of worship throughout the city.” It’s good they spoke up, but tweeting isn’t enough.

Nor is standing by and watching. Members of the Los Angeles Police Department observed the melee unfold rather than protecting those targeted by the mob. It took volunteers from nonprofit Jewish security organizations, including LA Shmira Public Safety and Magen Am, to break up the scuffles. “Without them, it would have been a lot worse,” Mr. Sherman said.

“If not for Magen Am, I don’t know what would have happened,” said David Kramer, 37. “People were running, screaming, a little bit delirious,” and begging uniformed officers to intercede. Despite many pleas, he said, “they were slow to move, and it appeared to me like they had orders to stand down.”

As the fighting moved east of Adas Torah toward other synagogues in the Jewish neighborhood, the police remained about a quarter-block away from the action, Ms. Regev said. She urged officers to get involved. “I said, ‘You need to stop this,’ and they essentially said, ‘We can’t do anything without a higher authority.’ ” Mr. Greenfield said the police “did little to interfere with the terrorist supporters.” By failing to disperse the protesters, they made it difficult for Jews to enter their own synagogue. The LAPD declined to comment.

If the Pro-Palestine crowd was simply protesting under the protection of the law, I would have no objection, but they were not primarily protesting. They were primarily engaged in an act of war. When I went to a pro-Israel event at UCLA a few weeks ago, dozens of Pro-Palestine blokes formed a blockade to prevent Jews from getting into their own event. Eventually, some strong Jews broke through the blockade and we followed them in.

If Jews wait for law enforcement to create space for them to move freely, they wait a long time. The Pro-Palestine crowd repeatedly creates situations where Jews must use brute force to lead their lives.

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