Decoding Israel’s Stunning Hostage Rescue (6-9-24)

01:00 NYT: Israel’s Euphoria Over Hostage Rescue May Be Fleeting,
02:00 The Hill: At least 210 Palestinians reportedly killed during Israeli hostage recovery operation,
03:00 NYT: The audacious operation did little to resolve the many challenges facing Israel’s government.
05:00 Nahum Barnea: The military incursion into Rafah must be stopped… it won’t save Israel.
06:00 The Biggest Lies In Contemporary Discourse,
08:00 Is Israel Committing Genocide?,
12:15 CNN: Genocide charges against Israel,
16:00 A proposal to end the war,
27:10 Sam joins the show from Haifa
47:30 The Hezbollah threat
49:00 Petrodollars,
1:11:00 Defense Mechanisms 101: A Complete Run-Down Of How They Develop & Why We Need Them (Until We Don’t),
1:12:30 Claire Khaw joins
1:17:00 The delusions of human rights activists,
1:25:20 The military challenge of Hamas has been solved by the IDF
1:50:30 Nationalism is good,
2:06:15 Radical reactions to anti-white racism,
2:16:00 Tucker Carlson’s restraint with foreign intervention
2:24:10 End of the Liberal Order & Return of War – John Mearsheimer, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen,
2:32:00 Shakespeare’s tragedies,
2:57:00 The rise of Christianity,
3:13:00 Livelier than the living,

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