Dennis Prager’s Week Off Rudely Interrupted By Attempted Plane Bombing Christmas Day

Dennis Prager planned to take the week off his radio show to concentrate on his new book on American values.

Instead, he came in for two hours of his show Monday. The rest of his week has been the best of the Dennis Prager Show.

Dennis: “The House is considering legislation to ban the machine [full body screening] that would have prevented the man from bringing down a plane filled with innocent people.”

An Amsterdam official says they were prohibited from using these machines on passengers on planes bound for the United States.

“Machines that might save your life. If we took a vote in this country on this issue, it would be so lopsided on behalf of these machines, it would scare the Left into realizing how numerically marginalized they are in thinking. If you throw the phrase ‘civil liberties’ out and about 25% of Americans stop thinking.”

“Every passenger now is a taut rubber band waiting to snap.”

Ben calls: “They should have conservative planes and liberal planes. If you go on a liberal plane, they won’t check you. No full-body screening. No air marshals.”

Dennis: But you can pee until the last minute.

From Dennis changes his vacation plans to come into the studio to talk about the Christmas Day terror attack on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. The attack was narrowly averted, no thanks to the security bureaucracy, but to aggressive passengers who grabbed the terrorist in his seat.

Technology is available that would have stopped this Nigerian-born, Muslim terrorist, but wasn

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