My Stormy Daniels Interviews

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I’ve seen Wicked Pictures contract girl Stormy Daniels many times over the past six months, always in the company of her boyfriend Brad Armstrong, Wicked director and performer.

At the Seymore Butts – Showtime party Thursday night, 2/13/03, I speak to Stormy for the first time. I find out she doesn’t bite. reports: “A number of people clled me and told me they were surprised to see, in attendance, none other than Stormy Daniels and Brad Armstrong. Funny thing about Brad, it seems he is the most hated person in porn, even the name Regan Senter doesn’t draw the visceral reactions that Brad Armstrongs name does. Stormy, as I understand it is pretty likeable, but around Brad she walks on eggshells.”

Luke says: I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about Brad.

Stormy says she spent $800 on Brad Armstrong’s Valentine’s Day present. The couple were late here tonight because Brad was out shopping for something for Stormy.

As I repeat her info into my tape recorder, Stormy says, “Shut up, he can hear you.” I look over to see Brad ten feet away.

Aria, munching cucumbers, warns Stormy to be careful of what she says to me.

Aria: “We should have Luke come to your birthday party.”

Stormy: “I know nothing about the birthday party.”

Luke: “When is it?”

Aria: “None of your business.”

Stormy: “St. Patrick’s Day.”

Luke: “How old will you be?”

Stormy: “24.”

Jessica Drake and Aria are on the birthday committee.

Luke: “Would you like me to jump out of a cake?”

Aria: “Naked?”

Luke: “No.”

Aria: “We’re holding auditions for a male stripper.”

Stormy says she gets crazy when the seven of them hang out (Aria, Stormy, Jessica, Monique Alexander, Dolorian, etc).

Luke: “Do you get intoxicated?”

Aria: “We bring a limo. We don’t drive. Of course if we’re in a limo we’re going to be intoxicated.”

Luke: “Do you like to drink in the mornings before you go to work on set?”

Aria: “No, I do not. Nobody drinks before movies. Nobody does drugs. Nobody even smokes weed in this business because we’re all pure and sweet and innocent except we like to spread out legs…”

Luke to Stormy: “How do you feel about turning 24?”

Stormy: “I want to cry. I cried last year.”

Luke: “Good cry or bad cry?”

Stormy: “Bad cry.”

Luke: “How will you feel about turning 30?”

Stormy: “I’ll be dead by then. Porno years are like dog years. I figure I will be dead by then.”

Luke: “You look great. You have’t aged yet.”

Stormy: “Yet. I used to say stripper years were like dog years. Porn years are more like gerbil years.”

Luke: “Brad’s maintained his good looks.”

Stormy: “Brad’s almost old enough to be my daddy.”

Stormy started stripping at age 17.

Luke: “Can you strip at 17?”

Stormy: “Not legally.”

Luke: “Where were you?”

Stormy: “Louisianna.”

Luke: “You can do that in Louisianna.”

Stormy: “They don’t bother to check your IDs.”

Luke: “Did you ever date family member?”

Stormy: “Not knowingly.”

From Baton Rouge, Stormy usually tells people she’s from New Orleans, because most people have not heard of Baton Rouge.

Luke: “How do you like LA?”

Stormy: “I like it. I miss the food.”

Luke: “The hospitality.”

Stormy: “The people are so horrible in traffic here. They won’t let you over. Guys don’t hold doors open for you. The first month I was here, I kept walking into doors. I’d go in behind a guy and I’d expect him to hold it open and he wouldn’t. I’d walk right into it. They don’t say ‘Yes mam,’ and ‘No mam,’ and they don’t say ‘Thank you.'”

Luke: “Were you surprised by the porn industry or was it what you expected?”

Stormy: “I was surprised. The people are nicer than I expected. I know there’s a dark side too but I thought it would be all dark side. There are lots of normal families.”

Luke: “Does it bother you how few relationships seem to last in this industry?”

Stormy: “Yeah, of course it does. You can’t help but apply it to yourself.”

Luke: “Does it bother you that Brad works on camera with other girls aside from you?”

Stormy: “Of course it does. I don’t believe it when people say it doesn’t bother them. If it doesn’t bother you at all, then you’re not into your relationship.”

Luke: “Does it bother him that you do other guys?”

Stormy: “I hope so. He’s been working on camera for over ten years.”

Luke: “Does it bother you how many porn star girlfriends he’s had?”

Stormy: “Who else would he date?”

Luke: “He’s been with the most beautiful women in the industry – Jenna Jameson, Dyanna Lauren, Alexa, Kira Kener, Stephanie Swift…”

Stormy: “That’s annoying. It doesn’t bother me that they were porn stars. You date what you’re around. They all seem to still like him. They still call him if they need something and they’re all nice to me.”

Luke: “How does your family feel?”

Stormy: “I don’t have a family. My Mom knows what I do. She watches the softcore versions and she has all my magazines.”

Luke: “Is she proud? Embarrassed?”

Stormy: “She’s proud. She’ll tell other people, ‘Here’s my baby,’ and pull out a layout of me with Brad.”

Luke: “If you had to choose between being happily married or a porn star, which would you choose?”

Stormy: “I’d have to choose happily married. Not married. Happily married. It’s a Catch 22.”

Luke: “So how close are you guys to getting married?”

Stormy: “You’re asking the wrong person.”

Luke: “Are you ready to get married?”

Stormy: “I guess so. We’ve been living together for nine months. If he asked me, I’d say yes, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Luke: “Would you like to have kids?”

Stormy: “I never ever wanted to have kids until I met Brad. It’s funny because that’s one of the reasons some of my past relationships did not work out – I hate kids. And the guy always liked them. Brad doesn’t want kids.”

Luke: “How did you meet Aria?”

Stormy: “On set of Making It. I met her five minutes before I met Brad. I came to LA with a friend (Devon Michaels) who was doing a scene in Brad’s movie. We went to dinner and I moved in with Brad the next day.

“I rode the [mechanical] bull on our first date [at a bar on Sunset Blvd].”

Aria: “We both have records for not falling off that damn thing.”

Stormy: “At least a mechanical bull won’t stomp on you.”

I look at Stormy’s arm where she was stomped by her horse Silhouette six months ago. It’s a big dark patch.

Stormy has three horses in Los Angeles.

Luke: “Has your mother met Brad?”

Stormy: “I wouldn’t do that to him.”

Aria: “Are you going to tell him about your mother or (looking at me) is that none of your damn business?”

Luke: “Do you have good relations with your mother?”

Stormy, an only child: “We get along. She knows what I do.”

Luke: “What about your father?”

Stormy: “I haven’t seen him since I was 16.”

Luke: “Would you like to?”

Stormy: “No. Before that, I only saw him once a year since I was four.”

Aria: “She puts on the best feature act [strip routine] in the business.”

Aria and Stormy coo over Jessica Drake’s slender form.

As a guy, I don’t always look my conversation partner in the face but instead stare out impassively.

Aria: “Luke’s in a zone, staring out over the crowd, hoping that we will talk about something that’s none of his damn business.”

Luke: “So what could you tell me that would most surprise the people at Wicked?”

Aria: “You don’t want to.”

Stormy: “They know everything. I’m there every day. I hang out in the office. They know all the good stuff and all the bad stuff.”

Luke: “What do you love and what do you hate about the industry?”

Stormy: “I guess the obvious, the same as everybody else. I love being in front of the camera. I love being a star and feeling beautiful. The money of course. If it wasn’t for the industry, I wouldn’t have met Brad or Aria or Jessica. I have way better friends here than I ever did back home. The sex is hit and miss. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.

“The bad stuff is that it makes you as a woman feel depressed and insecure. It makes you aware of your age. There’s always somebody coming along who’s younger and more beautiful. While a guy might have 20 years to make all his money [performing in porn], we have eight years max. You’ve got a lot of stuff to cram in there.”

Luke: “The industry preys on people’s insecurities.”

Stormy: “Absolutely. I could name you ten of my friends in Louisianna who should go see a plastic surgeon but the thought never crossed their mind. I could name ten of my friends [in Los Angeles] who are absolutely flawless and they have a couple of things they want to see a plastic surgeon about.

“I’m really afraid of catching something [STD] to the point that I’m really anal about it. Some people think that I am a whiner on set because I am like, ‘One hand for you and one hand for me’ type thing. My kids will thank me one day.

“Wicked is condom-mandatory. I’m allergic to condoms. I can only use one brand. It was a lot of trial and error to find the one brand and the one lube I could use. Otherwise it feels like I am having sex with a hot poker.”

Stormy can’t say the brand she uses because it’s not the brand Wicked endorses. Through other sources, I learn she uses Crown condoms and Eros lube.

Stormy: “I did 28-scenes before I signed with Wicked, but probably eight of them were for Wicked. I’v done almost 40 scene sin my career. My contract calls for me to do seven movies a year. I might do three scenes in a movie.”

Stormy has only had plastic surgery on her breasts, getting saline implants four years ago. “I used to think I looked all right but now I’m conscious of every little flaw.”

Luke: “What’s Brad’s attitude towards you and plastic surgery?”

Stormy: “The problem with Brad is that he is brutally honest. If I ask him, ‘Should I fix this?’ He’ll say, ‘Yeah, that would be an improvement.’ That was hard for me because I’m used to being with guys who say, ‘Oh God, I think you are the most beautiful thing in the whole world.’ But he’s always right. He doesn’t say it to mean because you never know when there will be people like you lurking around.

“He’s usually right about everything. He’ll tell me, ‘Oh, you should change into that.’ I look at it on the rack and say, ‘There’s no way I’m going to wear that.’ Then I put it on and wear it to an event and everybody is falling over themselves to compliment me.”

Luke: “How does a straight man have such a good eye?”

Stormy: “That’s what I want to know. Maybe he was a drag queen in a past life.”

Luke: “Have you ever caught him with another man?”

Stormy: “No, and I’ve tried to catch him too. He’s probably the only guy in the business who doesn’t have some sort of gay somewhere.”

Luke: “Have friends from high school gotten in touch with you?”

Stormy: “I only had one friend through high school. We were going in different directions before I came here. I came straight into stripping and magazines and feature dancing and she went straight into college and sorority things. She knows what I do. She’s not a fan. She doesn’t watch it and she doesn’t like to hear about it. But she never says anything. She accepts it but she doesn’t like it.”

Luke: “How come you only had one friend in high school?”

Stormy: “Because I was so ugly nobody else would talk to me. They barked at me when I crossed the stage at graduation.”

Luke: “I don’t understand. How did you look different then?”

Stormy: “I haven’t changed except I got my boobs done and I changed my hair.”

Luke: “Do you think that you got into the sex industry to prove to yourself that you are sexy?”

Stormy: “Could be. It had something to do with the euphoria I felt the first time I went on stage [to take her clothes off]. Men throwing money at me. It had more of an impact on me than hanging out with the popular cheerleaders.”

Luke: “How old were you when you lost your virginity?”

Stormy: “Thirteen. It was a good experience. I was with the same guy until I was 17. He was my age.”

Luke: “What clique did you hang out with in high school?”

Stormy: “Me and my friend. I was a journalist. Everyone hated me. I was the editor of my high school newspaper in my Senior year. I was also 4-H president. No wonder nobody liked me.”

Luke: “Did you write any scandalous stories?”

Stormy: “Yeah, but they always made me change it. I’d rather write a short story than an article. I have notebooks and notebooks of stories. I published some short stories in high school.”

Luke: “What was your high school GPA?”

Stormy: “I went to a magnet school so it was a 3.5. But if I went to a regular school, it would’ve been counted as a 4.0. If I started college now, I’d start as a sophomore. In my Senior year of high school, I took physics, French 5 and chemistry. I got a 29 on my ACT. I never went to college.”

Luke: “Do you work with black guys?”

Stormy stiffens: “No.”

I’m touching on a touchy subject.

Luke: “And the reason is?”

Stormy: “I’m from the South. I’m not racist. My roadie when I travel is black. He stays in my hotel room on the road. My Mom has been so cool with everyone I’ve done, why throw the one thing in her face?”

Luke: “How much time do you spend on the road?”

Stormy: “One week a month.”

Luke: “What books have you read in the past year?”

Stormy: “I haven’t read a whole lot. I’m embarrassed to say that. I read more non-fiction, how-to books about horses. I love those Chicken Soup for the Soul books. After every story, I bawl like a bitch, and then move on to the next one.”

Luke: “Has being in this industry and dancing affected your view of men?”

Stormy: “Yes. I’m better in this industry than I was when I was in the strip club every night. Because when you are in a strip club every night, you see nothing but the bad sides of men. I’m not saying every guy I talk to in a club is like that. I”ve met some cool guys. But for every cool guy you meet, you meet 20 who are trying to get their wedding ring off and telling you sh–. When all you see is the bad side it’s hard not to carry that into your personal life.”

Luke: “So what have you done?”

Stormy: “I try to remember that everybody is an individual and every situation is different. But it’s so hard to do.”

Luke: “What would you be doing if you had never become a dancer?”

Stormy: “A veterinarian or a writer.”

Luke: “Do you think you could go back to college and do that?”

Stormy: “Sure. I’m smart enough. Would I? I don’t know.”

Luke: “What did you think of the Primetime special on Belladonna?”

Stormy: “I didn’t see it but I read about it on the internet. I think she was represented unfairly. I’m sure that for every bad thing she said, she said ten good things. Everything has pros and cons. They always show the cons. Did I understand where she was coming from when she was crying and saying how it makes her feel? Absolutely. There have been days when I’ve felt like that. When I had a horrible day on set and I didn’t like the guy I had to work with and the director yelled at me. I hurt. I had cramps. I didn’t want to be there. If you’re bloated and cramping and self conscious and you’ve got to f— somebody and look like you like it, of course you are going to hate what you are doing. That’s any job you have. You’re not human if it doesn’t affect you. You’re not human if you never ask yourself, ‘What am I doing here?’

“I can totally understand what she said but she probably should’ve been more careful in what she said knowing that that’s probably what they were going to air. I agree with some of the stuff she said but I think it was stupid of her to say it… I love my job. I’m good at lots of other things. There are days when I don’t like my job, but for any day I don’t like it, there are 50 that I love it.”

Luke: “Who are your closest friends in the industry?”

Stormy: “Aria, Jessica Drake, Nicole Sheridan, Barrett [Moore, boyfriend of DP contract girl Devon]. When they were split up, we talked a lot.”

Luke: “It’s sad that no relationship lasts in this industry.”

Stormy: “They’re back together. I think they’re going to be ok. It was sad. Even when we were hanging out, I knew he really loved her.

“I can’t believe that Brad doesn’t come over here and get you away from me. I’m probably going to get yelled at [for speaking to me].”

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