Iran Escalates – Attacks Israel Directly For The First Time (4-14-24)

01:00 Iran’s attack on Israel,
03:00 NYT: Iran’s Strikes on Israel Open a Dangerous New Chapter for Old Rivals,
23:00 Sam Vaknin: Iran’s Miscalculation, Israel’s Opportunity,
24:30 What your phone charge level signals
43:00 Prof. John Mearsheimer : Israel’s Dangerous Game.,
45:00 NYT: ‘The Regional War No One Wanted Is Here. How Wide Will It Get?’,
50:00 The Case That Israel Is Doing A Great Job Minimizing Civilian Casualties In Gaza,
53:00 Life usually runs by authority, not democracy
58:50 Has Israel killed 196 aid workers in Gaza?
1:09:00 Russia’s military has retooled while Ukraine’s military is weaker
1:10:00 American troops stationed in Taiwan, USA will defend Taiwan against China
1:22:00 Do our beliefs drive our actions?
1:24:20 Stephen J James mocks me: G’day mate, Luke Ford here,
1:35:40 Dr & Mrs K fight:
1:40:10 What Do We Mean When We Say A Person Has ‘Good Energy’?,
1:43:00 The myth of second chances:
1:44:00 My biggest mistakes
1:58:00 Stephen J. James joins the show
2:23:00 Curious Gazelle joins the show
2:27:00 Talmudic hermaneutics,
2:33:00 Talmudic,
2:33:30 Koran Chapter 2 Verse 26
2:40:40 Mussar movement,
2:41:00 The Mussar Dispute (Part 4) || Dr. Marc Shapiro,
2:41:30 Chazon Ish,
2:46:00 When the majority of Gadolim appear wrong
2:51:00 The Mussar Dispute (Part 3) || Dr. Marc Shapiro,
3:12:30 I wanna be a rebbe,

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