The Side Effects Of Religion, Recovery, Wellness, Exercise (3-31-24)

01:00 Everything comes with side effects
04:30 Does Mindfulness Meditation Work for ADHD,
23:00 The Emergence Of Conspirituality,
24:00 Guardian: The dark side of wellness: the overlap between spiritual thinking and far-right conspiracies,
25:00 Getting Too Good at the Wrong Thing,
26:00 Philosopher Nathan Cofnas,
28:00 Dissident podcasters (Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, Konstantin Kisin) embracing God,
43:00 The God Pivot: Rogan, Brand, & Huberman,
48:30 Russell Brand finds Christ, reads Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life
51:00 Pastor Rick Warren,
53:00 Joel Osteen,
1:05:00 Balance theory,
1:08:00 Liberal Democracy 3.0: Civil Society in an Age of Experts (4-5-22),
1:19:30 Andrew Huberman finds God
1:40:00 Liberal Democracy 3.0: Civil Society in an Age of Experts (4-5-22),
1:45:40 Is Andrew Huberman just chad ramming?
1:57:00 Glenn Greenwald v Ben Shapiro on Candace Owens:
2:05:15 John Mearsheimer: Russia is confident of victory Ukraine – Hezbollah Launches Revenge Strike Israel,
2:10:00 Colin Liddell joins, his site Neokrat is down,
2:16:00 Japan rearms
2:21:00 Russian influence in America
2:24:00 Chinese influence on Elon Musk
2:32:00 Alt Right 2.0
2:34:00 Young men seek meaning, adventure
2:37:00 Is religion necessary for social cohesion?
2:41:00 The role of sports in Japan
2:43:00 Japan & Covid
2:46:00 Critical Thinking vs Religion
2:49:00 Why Religion & God are Disappearing in the West | David Voas,
2:53:00 Claire Khaw joins
2:55:00 WEHT to Stephen J. James?
3:05:00 Stephen Walt: The United States Has Less Leverage Over Israel Than You Think,
3:07:30 Yes, Huberman’s Behavior Matters,
3:14:40 Coaches Coaching Coaches,
3:15:00 Danger Signs In Large Group Awareness Training,
3:19:00 The Dangers Of Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT),

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