The Zone of Interest (2-25-24)

01:00 What if John Kerry went back in time to Auschwitzin 1944 and convinced the commandant not to gas and cremate Jews for the sake of the environment
04:00 Auschwitz
07:20 Historian reviews The Zone of Interest,
09:00 The Zone of Interest,
12:55 The Zone of Interest
24:25 Male v Female bosses
48:00 Elliott has detached from live streaming
1:02:00 How To Live Happily Next to a Death Camp | The Zone of Interest,
1:10:25 Luke’s 3-27-18 debate with Age of Treason blogger
1:11:00 Lawrence Auster,
1:26:00 What Tanstaafl noticed about Luke’s Twitter followers
1:28:00 I’ve always been excluded by the cool crowd
1:30:40 THE ZONE OF INTEREST Ending Explained & Movie Review,

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