Irony and Outrage: The Polarized Landscape of Rage, Fear, and Laughter (2-18-24)

01:00 Dooovid’s renunciation of humor,
02:00 Irony and Outrage: The Polarized Landscape of Rage, Fear, and Laughter in the United States,
13:50 Dooovid: People who like me find me funny
23:40 Dooovid – the most serious guy in the shul
25:00 NPR: A man has been charged in the killing of Detroit synagogue president Samantha Woll,
27:00 Why do we resonate with certain teachings?
48:00 Hardcore Literature Book Club with Benjamin McEvoy,
49:00 John J Mearsheimer on Tucker Carlson:
58:00 Jack Shafer: No, the New York Times Is Not Overcooking Its Biden Coverage,
1:01:00 Colin Liddell joins,
1:03:00 Colin says war is going in Ukraine’s favor,
1:09:00 The Russians created the Dissident Right,
1:11:00 Subscribe Star, Andrew Anglin, TRS are examples of Russian collusion with Dissident Right says Colin Liddell,
1:22:00 Tucker Carlson’s trajectory
1:26:30 Frame Game Radio aka Mike Benz,
1:30:50 War and International Politics | John Mearsheimer,
1:34:00 When your survival is at stake, you’ll do almost anything
1:39:00 Carl Von Clausewitz’s book On War,
1:45:00 I depend on ADHD medication and protocols
1:51:00 Michael Wolff on Fox News, Donald Trump:
2:06:00 A Journalist Asks, How Do You Define ‘Latino’?,
2:07:00 NYT: Murder Trial Lays Bare a Hip-Hop Pioneer’s Double Life,
2:08:20 DTG: The Passion of the Jordan and the Wisdom of the Bret,

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