Decoding Journalism, Decoding Winners From Losers (1-17-24)

01:00 New Yorker: How Ten Middle East Conflicts Are Converging Into One Big War,
10:00 Democrats Are Preparing For Donald Trump To Be President Again,
17:00 Amy Wax talks with Richard Hanania,
19:00 Extremely Online: The Untold Story of Fame, Influence, and Power on the Internet,
22:00 All the News That’s Fit to Click: How Metrics Are Transforming the Work of Journalists,
1:21:00 Assume Nothing: Encounters with Assassins, Spies, Presidents, and Would-Be Masters of the Universe,
1:33:00 What Distinguishes Winners From Losers?,
1:40:00 How do you fight anti-semitism?
1:50:00 A Republican Pollster on Trump’s Undimmed Appeal,

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