Get Ready For President Tucker (12-3-23)

01:00 The new streaming site, Kick:
02:00 The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty,
06:00 Tucker talks to Roseanne Barr,
07:45 Tucker has never taken the Covid vaccine
09:30 Tucker doesn’t know why he was fired
21:45 Tucker loves tobacco
23:50 Cigarettes are not a sin against the spirit
26:45 My recommended books,
30:45 When Tucker was pulled over for DUI in latin America
31:40 Tucker on the Unabomber,
32:50 Stephen J James joins to discuss Adderall
43:00 Virtually You: The Dangerous Powers of the E-Personality,
1:08:00 No American-style culture war in Japan,
1:10:10 Why was Tucker fired from Fox News? Tucker on All In:
1:11:20 Pharma is the biggest TV news advertiser
1:22:10 Richard Spencer, Nick Fuentes: Zoom Call | Debate | 2023-11-30,
1:26:30 Nick Fuentes on his dinner with Kanye West, Donald Trump
1:59:00 Elliott Blatt joins
2:00:30 The meaning of Bipping,
2:03:30 Nuance Bro,
2:13:00 Chuck Johnson’s conspiracy theories about Likud
Atheist friend:
2:19:00 Julie Hartman and Dennis Prager on nice Christian conservatives,
2:16:00 Decoding Dennis Prager,
2:34:50 Decoding Academia 23: Analytical Thinking & Religious Belief,
2:45:20 Andrew Huberman and Peter Attia: Self-enhancement, supplements & doughnuts?,
3:17:00 Israel’s forever war: What Hamas learnt from 40 years of US security strategy,
3:20:00 Wreckonomics: Why It’s Time to End the War on Everything,

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