Ukraine Loses, US Gets Friendly With China (11-12-23)

01:00 John Mearsheimer: The US military has overextended itself,
03:00 Alexander Mercouris,
06:00 Ukraine War is Finished,
19:30 China takes advantage of US over-extension
1:01:00 Gavin Newsome selling off California to China,
1:25:00 Why do players still drop the ball before the end zone?,
1:45:00 San Francisco cleans up for world leaders
1:49:40 WEHT to Mama JF?
1:51:00 Elora Patoine missing,
1:52:00 Elora Patoine aka Mama JF,
1:54:00 Police seek Elora Patoine,
2:08:40 JF Gariepy & Elora Patoine,
2:41:00 The Daily Reprieve from sex addiction,

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