I talk to Matt aka ‘History Speaks’ about the Middle East Conflict (11-5-23)

01:00 My guest for 2.5 hours is a pro-Palestine PhD student in History, https://twitter.com/History__Speaks
3:14:00 John J. Mearsheimer on America’s Russaphobia, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuhQYs_imyo
3:20:00 Is diplomacy possible in the Hamas-Israeli war? Prof. John Mearsheimer, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmxFN_arNv4
3:21:00 Dehumanizing Palestinians provides a rationale for occupying Palestinians
3:22:00 President Harry Truman tries to find a homeland for Jews and to be just to Palestinians
3:29:00 Matthew Perry dies, Luke on 60 Minutes in 2003
3:32:00 How to Get Unstuck: Self-Efficacy, Learned Helplessness, and Creating a Growth Mindset, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1nKXKnaZUU
3:36:00 Country people tend to be conservative, city people tend to be left
3:43:30 5 Signs You’re ‘Overdoing’ Vulnerability (And How To Stop), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_B3afFDPHc
3:47:00 Does Israel Share Our Values? A Rejoinder to Sam Harris, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeEQIpZeEBY
4:13:00 A lefty going to a protest is like a Christian going to church
4:16:00 Salt Lake City has the most beautiful women in the country per capita
4:28:00 Tough times
4:49:00 The 4-Hour Work Week
4:53:00 The 48 Laws of Power

In the middle of the show, I ask Nathan Cofnas: “I’m interviewing History Speaks right now. Any chance you’d join me for a stream with him sometime?”

Cofnas responds:

Re Matt’s comments on the show:

“he thought that [the octopus] was a dog whistle to Nazi propaganda” – I said it was “not impossible” that the octopus could have been placed there to allude to Jews/Israel by one of Greta’s handlers. “Not impossible” doesn’t mean it definitely was, or even that it probably was. Incidentally, Richard Hanania agreed with my analysis on that:

“He also was liking a tweet that was referring to a hate crime hoax…at Cooper Union. There was this claim that these Palestinian protesters were hunting Jews in the library”

The tweet I liked didn’t say Jews were being hunted. It said “Jewish students at Cooper Union are in the library as protestors pound on the door,” which is not disputed. The video shows Jewish students in the library, and protestors pounding on the door. I don’t know exactly what happened, and I haven’t endorsed any particular narrative about it.

“I cited…the fact that over and over and over again, that Israel in its wars targets civilians indiscriminately. I cited various UN reports to this effect. And Cofnas responded by basically saying the UN is engaged in systematic…anti-Semitism because of the UN general assembly votes that are very targeted against Israel. My thought was, that doesn’t make any sense….The fact-finding missions that I was citing like the Goldstone report in 2009 have nothing to do with Arab states. So this is just a flimsy argument. You haven’t draw a connection between anti-Semitic Arab states and these UN fact-finding reports which show overwhelmingly indiscriminate attacks on civilians. And then he just got mad and me and said I’m unserious.”

On Twitter, Matt cited a single piece of evidence that UN accusations of war crimes against Israel are credible and not motivated by anti-Semitism: the Goldstone report. I replied that “[Goldstone] expressed regret that his report may have been inaccurate….[He said] ‘civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy’ by Israel.” Goldstone also says: “They [the UN Human Rights Council] repeatedly rush to pass condemnatory resolutions in the face of alleged violations of human rights law by Israel, but fail to take similar action in the face of even more serious violations by other states.” In other words, Matt’s one piece of evidence says the opposite of what he claimed: it says Israel was falsely accused of indiscriminately targeting civilians, and that the UN is biased against Israel. As you can see, he doesn’t have much of a response to this:

“he wanted to debate Eric Striker”

I never wanted to debate Eric Striker, and I publicly refused to debate him.

This is why I’m not interested in further discussion with Matt.

LF: Matt asked me if you ever agreed to debate Mike Enoch.

NC: Striker: never. Enoch: I don’t remember the exact words I used. I said either (a) I would debate him if he read my paper or (b) I wouldn’t debate the kind of person who challenged someone to debate a paper he hadn’t read. Either way, Enoch made it clear that he wasn’t going to read the paper, so a debate was never on the table. I never said anything to suggest I “wanted” to debate him.

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