Orit Arfa is the Jewish female analog of the young black male: a ‘woman at risk’

From my live cam:

ChaimAmalek: This Orit person needs to stop dating and just settle for some specific man. And then she needs to have babies.
ChaimAmalek: All this talk about dating and relationships only wastes time.
ChaimAmalek: She is the Jewish female analog of the young negro male: a “woman at risk”
ChaimAmalek: At risk of ending up an older childless spinster who wonders “was I too picky?”
ChaimAmalek: I have met many of them in Manhattan. Jewesses especially (ok, not especially, but you get the idea)

ChaimAmalek: There is one in particular who is always posting her lament on Craigslist. Now she’s old, alone, and fat. She knows no Jewish man will have her now, and she pines for the man she once had and the others she might have had.
ChaimAmalek: It seems to me that the Dorits of the world are the facilitators of such tragedies, always writing and talking and analyzing and criticizing instead of mating like the goyim do.

ChaimAmalek: All in all, a posthumous victory for Adolf Hitler
ChaimAmalek: This woman needs to open her mind to the possibility before her.
ChaimAmalek: Where Muslim women use their vaginas as cannon, the Jewess all too often uses hers as a mere toy through which to find self fulfillment

ChaimAmalek: After all, there are mutiple shidduch crises in the Jewish world
ChaimAmalek: Perhaps she needs someone who needs her. And to be dating NINE YEARS as a full grown woman has got to be brutal.
ChaimAmalek: Why make it ten?
ChaimAmalek: This dorit looks like a screamer
ChaimAmalek: But if she does not soon do what her body wants, soon it will be the slave of three cats
ChaimAmalek: At night, when she dreams of the life she might have had, she will cry out to this beast “Luke”, a huge dog instead of a man and cats instead of human children is a very sad ending. But the final ending for her will take decades to arrive. She will have many long lonely years after the death of her eggs in which to contemplate what might have been.
ChaimAmalek: Big dog = Ambien for upper west side spinsters
ChaimAmalek: Tell her the neobiblical story of Boaz and the woman who waited too long.

ChaimAmalek: She looks like she is wired to screw some lucky man’s brains out in order to produce brilliant children
YourMoralLeader: she’s an 8
ChaimAmalek: She looks like she would make a right proper wife. Not the kind who would make a pass at your friend on New Years eve, either
ChaimAmalek: Sober, too
ChaimAmalek: In real life, an 8 is a ten.
YourMoralLeader: yep
ChaimAmalek: Hell, in Craigslistland, a 4 is a ten
ChaimAmalek: But she’s an 8. Even so, IT ALL GOES TO WASTE IF SHE DOES NOT ACT ON IT
ChaimAmalek: Every time she begins to date a piece of her neshamah dies.
ChaimAmalek: Her heart hardens, the hurdles rise, men shrink.
ChaimAmalek: Also, she seems to have a really nice perky rack
ChaimAmalek: Amirite?
YourMoralLeader: yep
ChaimAmalek: In fact, call her right now and tell her to join this chat
ChaimAmalek: I will set things right for the both of you
ChaimAmalek: Let me have this mitzvah please

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