Decoding Russell Brand (9-24-23)

01:00 Russell Brand’s rhetorical avalanche reminds me of Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Nick Fuentes, Mike Enoch, Eric Striker,
04:00 How Russell Brand Became the New Alex Jones,
07:00 On Bullshit,
08:00 If books could kill,
09:00 If books could kill podcast,
36:00 My best blog posts,
37:45 Russell Brand speaks to seize attention and weave a spell
40:35 Right wing influencers like Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro cannot stand to pause
43:00 “Content is never the point with pundits and cults. Leaders want to hold your attention with emotion, not with ideas.”
45:20 Forgive For Good: Recovery Workshop with Dr. Fred Luskin,
1:09:00 Are Sanskrit Prayers The Most Powerful?
1:18:40 Goy joy,
1:21:00 Yoga – The Risks and Rewards
1:22:00 Alexander Technique, Yoga
1:27:00 Is Yoga Idol-Worship?
1:42:00 I celebrated Yogi Bhajan’s 80th birthday in 2009,
1:44:45 Elliott Blatt joins
2:02:00 How Involved Were SBF’s Parents?
2:14:00 These Wily Older Women Exploited Me

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