Trump Fights Multiple Indictments As America Gets Mean (8-27-23)

01:00 Trump’s mug shot
04:30 Prigozhin post-mortem,
10:00 Moral education,
12:00 Your Hero System Is Your Morality And You Get It From Your Tribe
18:30 Hurriquake in LA last Sunday
21:00 Ode To The Moral Leader by Pascal Dupin,
23:45 The case for a pessimistic politics
28:45 Rich men north of Richmond
30:00 The dangers of white people going on welfare for the first time
39:00 Latest indictments of Trump
43:20 David Wallace-Wells: 95% of the world live in places where renewable energy is cheaper than dirty energy
1:01:00 Dooovid joins the show,
1:02:00 It’s hard to be Jewish
1:07:00 Self-loathing
1:54:30 Dooovid’s cult – the Branch Dooovidians
1:57:00 Dooovid’s term with the Hare Krishnas
2:00:00 Claire Khaw joins,
2:02:00 Secular Koranism: a new moral and legal system for the West and the rest by Claire Khaw,
2:50:00 The Riverfront Brawl,
2:56:00 Andrew Tate
3:01:00 Nick Fuentes
3:04:00 Tucker Carlson
3:15:00 Concluding Emotional Sobriety and Self-Esteem

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