When Midgets Attack

Black model Chasity James writes on her new site cupcakekiller.com:

Halloween was boring and ridiculous. It was a night filled with waiting around and a mean, fat Goth bitch. That’s right… I said it. It all began when I found out my friend Zita was not riding with me to a party we were going to. She decided to ride with a bunch of people who decided to pick up some chick who lives in Burbank… at 10pm… on Halloween. Of course they get stuck in major traffic for almost 2 hours! Did the bitch in Burbank have two broken legs? Why couldn’t she get her ass up and in a car and drive to the party on Sunset and Labrea? So I end up waiting…and waiting until I get bored. So I text my "friend" Neil and see what he’s up to. He invites me to his house for a bit before he goes out. When I arrive to Neil’s place he is already heading out and invites me to a Goth party. Very hesitant to go, I decide it’s a good idea to go and kill some time before meeting with Zita and her clan of crazies. So I follow Neil and his friends to Crenshaw and Pico Blvd where white, gothy kids don’t belong. I finally figure out we aren’t going to a house party but to a venue having a Halloween party. I’m actually getting annoyed writing this so to make a long story short my night was ruined because Neil and his friends were assholes. The one who stood out was his friend Olga who is the fat, Goth bitch I mentioned earlier. She was super nasty to me for no reason at all. I figured she was one of Neil’s bitches who was super jealous of me.

Neil Strauss is the author of the book The Game: Penetrating the secret society of pickup artists.

He teaches average nice guys looking for love how to become asshole pickup artists looking for vaginas.

Here’s my related Halloween report with pictures and video. Here’s Chasity’s MySpace page.

My Nov. 13 videotaped interview with Chasity James at Coffee Bean on Sunset Blvd. Part Two

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