Struggle With God

July 17, 2023, Dennis said to Julie Hartman: "I realized at an early age what I was going to bring differently to the religious-secular discussion. I am quite religious but I don't wear it heavily. It drove me crazy that most religious people smack you in the face with their religiosity. It's not good for religion and it is not good for them. On one of my first trips to Israel, I was about 20 years old, I was at the army headquarters in Tel Aviv, and all these soldiers were my age, and we were talking and this female soldier said to me, 'Are you religious?' In Israel, [asking] if you are religious means are you Orthodox. I said, I don't know if I am religious, I only know that I am not secular. She said, 'If you are religious, why aren't you wearing a kipa?' I said, I don't think religion needs a uniform. That’s why I didn’t become a rabbi. I could’ve gotten religious ordination… I learned more than most rabbis do."

Many identities benefit from wearing a uniform. Why not religion?

There are many behavioral restrictions that come with wearing a uniform that freedom-lovers like Dennis Prager might not enjoy.

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