Handicapped Hatzalah Members

Jack emails: Would you want a person who is so disabled that they need a handicap permit responding to your emergency?

Isn’t the point of Hatzalah (Jewish ambulance service) to be able to respond quickly? How can a person who is so disabled that he needs a handicap parking tag able to respond quickly to an emergency?

I drove by the Ness Center on Whitworth and saw a Camry with Hatzalah
decals all over the car and a handicap parking tag hanging from the
mirror. I think you should investigate. Walk over there and see for yourself and then email Hatzalah and ask if they care to comment.

Unless this can all be explained by some one who is just trying to
park where ever he wants so he got a handicap card. You would think that the Spinka ordeal would have taught us to know better!

LOU EMAILS: “Luke, I know of one Hatzalah member who drives a Camry and recently had reconstructive surgery on both of his knees. I even know his name, but would rather not have it published because his selflessness should not cause him to be scrutinized. The man remains devoted to, and active in, Hatzalah. In the middle of minyan, this man gets Hatzalah alerts, and literally hobbles out of the shul to save peoples’ lives, always with a smile.”

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