The Shalhevet Graduate

A worried Jewish mother emails:

I am wondering what is it about the Shalhevet students groomed by Dr. Jerry Friedman. They remind me of cult. Most of them are:

– Not Frum. The kippot are off totally. Naked heads even when they walk with the parents into a Jewish place.
– Tolerant to drug use.
– Dating non-Jewish girls. Includes bring them home for family gathering including sleep overs. Parents are upset and don’t know what to do as they don’t want to break ties with their kids.
– Stay in close ties with other Shalhevet graduates and make few new friends in college. It serves as a support group.
– Remain very loyal to Jerry Friedman. Talk about how rich he is and don’t really care about his financial misconduct at the school. So much for Lawrence Kohlberg’s moral education.

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