Please Don’t Talk About Hate Facts (5-21-23)

01:00 I felt so free before I pressed start to stream on OBS
04:00 Calming down through connection
07:00 LAT: 12-year-old to be youngest to graduate from Fullerton College with five degrees,
09:00 Between the Alps and a Hard Place: Switzerland in World War II and the Rewriting of History,
22:00 Decoding Christopher Hitchens and Islam,
45:00 WW2 Training Film for US Troops Occupying Germany | Your Job in Germany | 1945,
53:00 Interview with Renée DiResta: Online Ecosystems, Disinformation, & Censorship Debates,
54:00 Elon Musk’s dogpiled over his selection of a Twitter CEO
1:00:00 News: Timeline of the murder of Lauren Heike
1:04:00 Crying pregnant nurse called Karen
1:08:00 News: Lawyer: Receipt shows Citi Bike was NYC hospital worker’s
1:15:50 Video: DSP Rants on Possible YouTube Redemption Arc,
1:31:30: DSP RANTS Against Youtube For Not Letting Him Be Him and DEMANDS Youtube Change For Him!,
1:36:00 Messenger: The Best Money Republicans Have Ever Spent On Politics
How conservatives are training their next leaders on college campuses,
1:38:00 Step 9, Part 2,
1:46:00 History Speaks: Debunking Nazi Apologists: The Alt Hyp Part 1/3,
1:57:00 WP: Pittsburgh confronts antisemitism as Tree of Life shooting trial nears,

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