Is This Going To Make It Harder For Me To Date?

From the Scottish Sun:

Wannabe Scots actor found guilty of rape for secretly not using condom during sex in ‘stealthing’ conviction first

AN aspiring actor has become the first man in Scotland to be convicted of rape for secretly not using a condom during sex.

The historic case marks the first prosecution in Scotland of “stealthing” – removing or not using a condom during sex without a partner’s knowledge.

Campaigners have hailed the verdict as a major “landmark” in tackling the under-reported crime.

Luke Ford, 33, was found guilty on Friday of 18 charges of abusing seven female partners, including raping five of them and the attempted rape of another.

A trial at the High Court in Glasgow heard Ford terrorised the women over a 12-year period targeting them on dating apps before mounting a campaign of abuse.

About Luke Ford

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