NY Mag Is Off The Hook

From NYPost:

November 7, 2007 — Lonely hearts around town won’t be able to find rent-a-dates in the back pages of New York magazine anymore.

The popular weekly announced yesterday it will stop accepting sex ads in the wake of protest threats by the local chapter of the National Organization for Women.

The feminist group called the magazine the "marketing arm of the organized-crime world of prostitution and human trafficking" because of ads touting "Asians Gone Wild," "Asian Bliss" or "Hot Latinas."

"We worked to educate them on the connections trafficking and the existing sex industry," said Sonia Ossorio, president of NOW-NYC. "Numerous publications have come to the conclusion that it’s not a business they really want to be in."

New York magazine became the 15th publication this year, including Time Out New York and the New York Press, that agreed to end the "escort" and "model" ads that are often codes for prostitution.

"New York has been trying to eliminate this section for years. The business is prospering at this magazine and it was high time to get out of a business we were never comfortable being in," said magazine spokeswoman Serena Torrey.

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