Richard Spencer v Tucker Carlson (4-27-23)

01:00 Does Tucker cultivate helplessness,
07:00 Dennis Prager on the radio today about Tucker
09:45 CNN, Jonah Goldberg on Tucker
14:00 WP: With Tucker Carlson’s ouster, House GOP loses a key ally – and agitator,
21:00 Chuck Johnson, Eric Garland April 24 Space on Tucker Carlson:
38:00 Burning Man and sexual blackmail by intelligence agencies
41:00 Atlantic: America Is in Its Insecure-Attachment Era,
48:00 Daily Beast coverage of Tucker,
49:00 Don Lemon, Tucker Carlson hire a Hollywood attorney who paid out $40,000 to a woman accusing him of participating in a gang rape,
52:00 Chuck Johnson: Government (FBI etc) bust up bad actors in news
53:00 Nxivm cult
1:05:00 Chuck Johnson’s April 26 Space on Tucker,
1:07:00 Chuck Johnson on Steven Crowder
1:11:00 Yashar Ali: Video Reveals Steven Crowder Emotionally Abusing Wife. In Statement, Hilary Crowder’s Family Says She Hid His Emotionally Abusive Behavior For Years,
1:15:00 Chuck Johnson on businessman Cary Katz,
1:16:30 Journos need billionaire sugar daddies
1:17:00 Tucker Carlson is on TV and the billionaires wish they were on TV
1:18:20 Chuck Johnson on Darren Beattie
1:25:45 Chuck Johnson is in the redacted Mueller report
1:26:10 Journalist Ali Watkins,
1:28:00 Chuck Johnson and Peter Thiel
1:29:15 Ron DeSantis wants Peter Thiel’s money
1:30:00 In 2018, Chuck Johnson was drinking heavily and feeling suicidal
1:33:45 Tucker Carlson’s personal life fell apart after he criticized Paul Singer
1:34:00 Chuck Johnson says Paul Singer is a proxy for the Mossad
1:36:00 Tucker Investigates: What is destroying rural America?,
1:36:30 In May of 2016, Steve Bannon asks Chuck Johnson for an introduction to Donald Trump
1:38:00 Chuck Johnson says he paid to bring the women to the second Trump-Hillary debate, Sheldon Adelson assembled the planes
1:39:00 Roger Ailes
1:39:45 Greg Gutfeld
1:41:00 Rupert Murdoch funded Weekly Standard when Tucker Carlson was there
1:42:00 Businessman Ken Langone,
1:44:45 Elliott Blatt joins
1:46:00 Alan Dershowitz says Jared Kushner is dumb
1:46:45 Chuck Johnson felt like he had operational control of parts of the White House
1:48:00 Ted Cruz is not running for president due to his wife and daughter

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