The Goyim Defense League are the logical result of Civil Rights (4-21-23)

01:00 The Goyim Defense League,
02:00 The Eucalypti are an invasive species
10:00 The Goyim Defense League,
33:00 Dennis and Julie,
42:00 The end of humanity,
48:00 Greg Johnson on Tucker Carlson on White Identity Politics
54:00 Decoding the Gurus: “Mini” Decoding of Matthew Goodwin,
1:09:00 Tucker Carlson
1:18:00 Social media is dominated by freaks,
1:24:00 Andy Nowicki analyzed,
1:26:00 Schizophrenia, &The Mandela Effect; Living On The Edge Of Insanity.
1:33:00 Disco 29 Simple Moves – You Should Be Dancing,
1:35:00 DTG: Oprah Winfrey: Self Actualising Your Destiny,

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