Stormy Daniels Is The Only Thing Standing Between Us And Fascism (4-18-23)

01:00 Well might you say what a beautiful world
02:00 Fox News settles with Dominion for $787 billion,
03:00 But I see dead people
04:00 I see civil war
05:00 I see gas chambers
06:00 I see crematoria
07:00 I see mass famine
08:00 I see a cultural revolution
10:00 Balance theory,
13:00 Tucker Carlson on the chaos in Chicago
25:30 Heather Mac Donald on when race destroys beauty
35:00 Dennis Prager: The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen,
50:00 Government bites, government bleeds
1:01:00 Elliott Blatt joins the show
1:05:00 NYT: We Don’t Know What Will Happen Next,
1:09:00 Ethan Ralph
1:23:00 Stormy Daniels tried to warn us,

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