The Lowdown On Right-Wing Influencers (4-14-23)

01:00 Stabber Nima Momeni accused Bob Lee of having an inappropriate relationship with Nima’s younger sister,
02:00 Nick Fuentes Space,
03:00 The Raw Truth About Silicon Valley Startups?,
04:00 Milo outs Ali Alexander,
11:10 Dennis Prager says everyone he is close to is because he is a public figure,
13:10 Dennis Prager’s Passover in Mexico,
36:00 Nick Fuentes says Milo tried to sleep with him,
39:00 Conservative politics is filled with gay pedophiles says Nick
44:00 Lauren Southern talks to Tucker Carlson about Canada banning guns
1:04:00 Charles Johnson’s raw truth on Silicon Valley,
1:09:00 Dennis Prager says he lost most of his income when he came out in Jewish life as a political conservative,
1:15:00 Nick Fuentes and Candace Owens
1:17:00 Julie Hartman and Dennis Prager on playing the game and buying likes,

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