Could Blood Sports Save The World? (4-11-23)

01:00 Who are the great reactionaries today?
07:00 Politico: America Needs Crossfire Again,
14:00 Sports talk got smart while the culture got dumb,
17:00 Tucker Carlson interviews Donald Trump
22:00 FT: How football got smart and culture got dumb,
24:45 The Climbers,
28:30 Connor Roy needs love
33:00 Politico: Elbridge Colby Wants to Finish What Donald Trump Started,
41:30 Elliott Blatt joins to praise salad
48:00 How do you maintain the confidence to deliver opinions online when you struggle with life?
57:00 Elliott and the alcoholics
59:30 Alcoholism and conspiracy theories
1:06:00 Ethan Ralph analysis
1:09:45 Kino Casino (Andy Warski and PPP moved in)
1:11:00 Nick Fuentes texts with Milo,
1:13:30 Robert Reich story
1:22:00 Nick Fuentes defends Ali Alexander

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