Thomas Hobbes vs John Locke – It’s the Final Countdown (4-9-23)

01:00 The final countdown
05:00 It’s happening here,
23:00 Dooovid joins
1:00:00 Richard Spencer vs Nathan Cofnas on Passover,
1:25:00 Hobbes: A Biography,
1:48:00 NYT: El Salvador Decimated Its Ruthless Gangs. But at What Cost?,
1:54:00 Claire Khaw joins the show
1:55:00 Alison Chabloz released from prison,
2:01:00 Claire says Islam is the most Noahide compliant of the world’s major religions
2:06:20 What principles would you die for?
2:12:00 Claire’s experience with promiscuity
2:19:00 How do you fill the hole that comes with a lack of love in your life?

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