Examining Hero Systems & Conservative Claims Of Cultural Oppression (4-2-23)

01:00 Do people with a 70 IQ have a hero system?
02:50 Rony Guldmann’s hero system
06:00 Typical right-wing American hero systems
07:30 Hero systems of the Left
15:00 Moving will change your hero system
18:00 Orthodox Judaism as a hero system
36:00 Rony’s memoir: The Star Chamber of Stanford: On the Secret Trial and Invisible Persecution of a Stanford Law Fellow, https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/the-star-chamber-of-stanford
38:30 The Sam Bankman-Fried connection to Rony’s memoir, https://ronyguldmann.com/faq/
40:00 Mark Latham refuses to apologise for homophobic tweet, https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/apr/01/nsw-environment-minister-renews-calls-for-mark-latham-to-apologise-over-unacceptable-tweet
41:00 Mark Latham’s tweet, https://twitter.com/Wahya77/status/1641277909263609856
59:00 The more individuated you are, the weaker
1:16:00 Rony wishes he was more captivated by the news
1:20:00 How does living in a multicultural society affect the intensity of one’s hero system?

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