Will A Trump Indictment Spark Riots? (3-20-23)

01:30 Tucker Carlson on Trump’s looming indictment
24:00 Heterodox Academy: A good idea gone awry?, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTTsnozDF20
25:00 Why it took years for Cofnas to publish his critque of Heterodox Academy
26:00 Four Reasons Why Heterodox Academy Failed,
42:00 Bethany Mandel can’t define woke
56:00 The people who fought the Nazis took race differences for granted
57:00 The Nazis denied the validity of IQ, they rejected Darwinism
1:06:30 Helmet Nyborg, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmuth_Nyborg
1:07:30 American Renaissance is not a hate group
1:13:00 Nathan Cofnas was initially excited to join Heterodox Academy
1:14:00 Heterodox Academy won’t defend academics such as Bo Winegard, Amy Wax

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