How To Move From Surviving To Thriving (3-13-23)

01:00 LAT: With demands for a bank bailout, Silicon Valley shows its ‘small government’ mantra was just a pose,
05:00 Ricky Vaugh aka Doug Mackey goes on trial for satire,
10:00 News Is A Stress Test,
24:00 Essay: You’re Better Off Not Knowing,
31:10 Doc Snipes: 5 Habits to Move from Surviving to Thriving,
42:00 The Coddling Of The American Mind,
50:30 NYT: UPenn Accuses a Law Professor of Racist Statements. Should She Be Fired?,
1:08:00 Academics aren’t incentivized to reach out to the public
1:10:00 Decoding the Gurus,
1:13:00 The thousands of failed academics

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