Israel – Our Greatest Ally (3-9-23)

01:00 Why do Malaysian airplanes keep disappearing?
08:00 Israel’s democracy is under threat
17:40 Elliott Blatt joins
19:00 When reality knocks
20:00 Elliott Blatt, you don’t have to put on the red light
22:00 NYRB: A new biography of John Donne argues for the sensuality and strangeness of both his work and his life,
28:00 Richard talks with Destiny
29:00 Intelligence vs wisdom
49:00 How quickly do you speak up about something not working?


* Some airlines may have lower IQs, but in 2002 I was on a flight in Thailand and there was a young female stewardess who was absolutely stunning. I don’t know what her IQ was, but she had the most perfect and exotic face I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I think my reaction was amplified because I was not used to seeing foreign people.

* 28:47 “People of lower IQ can arrive at higher wisdom.” Which is why I frequent Luke Ford’s high quality commentaries and Vox Day. I don’t always agree with them, but I recognize that they have transcended the common mindset of low IQ masturbators.

* 29:44 It’s not whether you do a good job or work harder that gets you promoted. It’s whether you distinguish yourself. Also it’s a matter of who you know. I had an engineer tell me years ago that “if you are the best at what you’re doing, you will always be doing that.” One has to do something different outside of their job description to catch the eye of their superiors so they can be promoted to a better job. I was a lowly technician in manufacturing for years and got to know a software engineer. One day I came up to his cubicle and asked him for a job writing software for free. I gave him a demo of what I could do and he assigned me an unofficial position to write the front end of his database back end. Six months later, I got hired by an engineering team simply because I was visible to them. I want to emphasize that those guys were smarter than me and I just had an average IQ. They were too busy to do what I was doing so I filled the need.

By the way, the company name was Datalogic (originally Spectra Physics), and those rats moved the entire manufacturing department to Vietnam in 2009. An engineering associate of mine had to move to Vietnam for three years to keep his job with a 50% pay cut. The next year, the company bragged about having the largest profits ever. Where was Trump when we needed him? probably hanging out with Stormy Daniels…

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