Comment: Destiny & Richard Spencer Debate Race, Religion, Andrew Tate, Joe Biden (3-7-23)

Virtual Pilgrim posts: 18:33 Destiny brings up the tired canard against white identarians by asking the question “who is white?” While it is true that this can be a technical problem, I would say the more practical answer is that the further away your ancestry is from England then the less compatible you are likely to be as an American. “Ourselves and our posterity” was defined by the 1790 Naturalization Act as “white persons of good character.”

I have no interest in discussing these questions with liberals or leftists, but I do have something to say to conservatives who bring up this same canard.
Here is a video of Ben Shapiro defining an American:

“This idea that it’s about ethnicity as opposed to ideology or ideas is just not true. Then the amazing thing about Judaism – just like most other religions, is you can become one. I can’t become a black man. There’s no way for me to do it. I can become a Christian. You could become a Jew. This means that there are ideological systems that you can buy into that allow you entry. And I believe that the United States should operate the same way. You can become an American if you buy into central American ideals. But I’m not going to pretend that I care whether a bunch of people who are pro America and pro American ideals are from Cuba versus coming from Britain.”

Ben literally said that becoming an American is buying into American values. That means those who don’t buy into American values are not American. Is Ben willing to back that up? I doubt it. If you become an American by buying into an idea, then you stop becoming an American by not buying into the ideals. If Ben is not willing to deport these non-Americans, then he’s admitting that there are indeed Americans who do not buy into those values which contradicts his premise. Therefore, Joe Biden and all the leftist Democrats, according to Ben, are not American. His logic is absolutely ridiculous. The truth is, becoming an American is a birthright through your ancestry and no one can take that away. Race and ethnicity are the foundation of nations.

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