Trump As A Vehicle For National Liberation (3-1-23)

01:00 Trump and liberation,
05:00 Thank You for Your Servitude: Donald Trump’s Washington and the Price of Submission,
10:00 What Active-Shooter Trainings Steal From Synagogues,
14:00 Author Daniel Torday doesn’t want to hear from you,
37:30 Elliott Blatt joins the show
39:20 Inside the Louisville Police Department, where officers are reckoning with what it means to be a cop in a city that doesn’t trust them,
42:30 The individual’s feelings rarely have wide significance
44:00 WEHT to vigorous social intercourse?
47:45 Employees want as much pay as possible for as little work as possible
53:00 The downsides of empathy
56:00 Sharing realism on Nextdoor
1:06:20 The Death of Dilbert and False Claims of White Victimhood,
1:12:00 Do masks really protect against COVID-19? Meta-analysis authors want to see more evidence,
1:23:30 Mary Eberstadt | How the West Really Lost God,
1:26:00 What’s more important? Form, ritual, rhetoric or reality?
1:28:00 A Man Called Otto,
1:29:00 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,
1:34:00 Welsh boy treble Cai Thomas (12y) sings Suo Gan,

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