The Stanford Law School Connection To The Sam Bankman-Fried Scandal (2-16-23)

03:00 Sam Bankman-Fried
1:05:00 Punishment is a dirty word to liberals
1:30:00 Vengeance is a dirty word to liberal
1:33:00 The liberal delusion of global human rights
1:37:00 The liberal delusion that we have a right to our reputation
1:40:30 How do you plan to market it?
1:47:00 The psychology of 9-11 Truthers
1:48:30 Steven Pinker
1:51:35 Mein Kampf for Rationalists
1:52:10 Mikhaila Peterson
1:53:40 Is Bazball a disgrace?
2:03:00 Democrats are afraid of anyone questioning their manhood
2:07:00 John Fetterman getting treated for clinical depression
2:13:00 Tupac grew up middle class but had to teach himself to be a thug
2:14:50 Horrifying world of ex-LAPD cops
2:16:20 The Temptations of Carl Schmitt,
2:39:00 NPR: Off the air, Fox News stars blasted the election fraud claims they peddled,

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