Breaking News: Second Jewish Man Shot In Pico-Robertson (2-16-23)

01:30 Two Jewish men shot in L.A.’s Pico-Robertson in two days, prompting more security for synagogues,
03:00 Second Jewish man shot by a white guy,
06:00 Twitter thread on shootings,
08:00 Chinese balloon freakout,
38:00 Salman Rushdie won’t be stopped,
48:00 The Temptations of Carl Schmitt,
1:13:10 Who are the Playboy Gangster Crips? The story of one of West Los Angeles most dangerous crip gang.,
1:15:00 La Cienega Heights Was Known As Corning-Cadillac When It Was Dominated By The Playboy Gangster Crips,
1:21:00 Dooovid joins,
1:31:20 Comic Ari Shaffir,
1:54:00 Dooovid’s brother converted to Christianity
2:00:00 How many Jews will go to shul this Shabbos after the shootings? Normally you’ll have 10,000 Orthodox Jews walking to shul on Shabbos in 90035
2:28:30 Jim Bowden vs. Adam Green 20230126 Unedited Crucible debate,

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