Policing After Tyre Nichols (1-30-23)

01:00 We are primarily judged as representatives of our group
07:00 Heather Mac Donald on policing, https://anncoulter.substack.com/p/heather-mac-donald-on-the-tyre-nichols?autoPlay=true
23:00 Illegal immigration
34:45 Luke’s new suit
36:00 Where’s the dashcam video of Tyre Nichols driving recklessly?
50:00 Paul Pelosi’s 911 call
58:00 Heather Mac Donald says Ashli Babbitt shooting unjustified
1:19:15 Tucker: Joe Biden predicts food shortages as a result of the Ukraine war
1:32:00 Elliott Blatt joins the show to talk about the food chain
1:56:00 Tucker: Politico does the bidding of wind farms

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